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As we draw into the end of 2022, I am led to reflect on some things that we really need to give praise about.

1. The Lord has been present each and every Sunday this past year. He honors those who are faithful and offers conviction and correction through His Holy Spirit

2. Our building fund has grown to over $86,000!

3. The future of where we will be worshiping continues to take shape more and more, because of Jesus having the wheel. I have always said that this fellowship and body of believers belongs to Jesus and it is His alone!

4. I have seen some solid growth and maturity in the people of FRCC. I know the road has been hard but God is with us…

5. Pastor Jeff and I are so honored to be a part of this movement of God! It is a humbling experience to watch the Lord work in His people.

So where do we go from here?

That my brothers and sisters, is up to God. We are in a growing solid financial position to do one of the following:

Buy the YBA, and build a metal building on the property.

or we can find a store front retail location in a strip mall

or we can find an existing church building and go through a revitalization process to merge a dying fellowship with FRCC. I know we tried this with the House of Agape’, but that situation would not be like what I am talking about.

I say again, that this is God’s church and it is up to Him on where we will land. It is time that we no longer share space, in that I mean we need our own building. So our timeline to do something about this is October 1st, 2023

With that being said… I encourage you to continue to be faithful to the Lord with your prayers for FRCC and her staff along with tithing to the general fund, as well as the building fund…

God bless you all and let’s continue to ride this out to where God wants us… When God will show us, we will know it!!! 

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