I am a Rock Hill native, born and raised. I graduated from Northwestern High school, and Winthrop College. After a series of unfulfilling jobs, I returned to Winthrop to receive my certification as a science teacher. Following that, I taught science at Fort Mill Middle school for 30 years, after which I retired.

Although, I was raised in church, my college years lead me to fall away from God. I fell for the deception that money and climbing the corporate ladder was the way to success and happiness. Instead, it became the source of emptiness, like a hole that nothing could fill. Finally, through a series of events that took place in my life, I realized that the only source of truth and peace was the Lord Jesus Christ. I left the business world to pursue His calling on my life as a missionary in the classroom as a teacher. I loved seeing how science fit perfectly, proving and demonstrating the glory of God. Teaching my students how to think critically and question things rather than telling them what to think, was my passion. It was a wonderful fulfilling career, and I often said, “I make more of a difference than a salary.”

My wife and I have been blessed to be a part of Faith Rising Community Church since it’s beginning. It started with a post announcing a nearby neighborhood Bible study, at the home of a couple who would soon plant a wonderful Christ centered church, FRCC. We attended the Bible study, and as they say ‘the rest is history.’ The leader of that study was Berry Chatas, who is now senior pastor of Faith Rising Community Church. FRCC is the result of God’s calling on his life and the support of a local sponsoring church. FRCC is a biblically based church that seeks to share the gospel with the world.

Since I began attending Faith Rising Community Church my walk with the Lord has been strengthened and grown. I have had the honor to serve on the elder board and on January 29th of 2023 I answered the Lord’s calling, I was ordained as a Pastor. I currently serve as executive pastor to our wonderful church.

At Faith Rising Community Church we love each and every individual. “You belong here!” Discipleship is one of our passions, so that we can better reach out to our community. We love to do life together. If you are seeking something, even if you are not sure of what that may be, we would love for you to visit us. Faith Rising Community Church is a family of people where everyone is welcome! Come as you are! Won’t you join us and as we learn about the Lord and share His love with others?

Life is short
Eternity is long.
John 3:16.
Problem solved!
Come and see….