Where to begin?

As we approach the end of April in 2021, I wanted to write in this blog the accomplishments that God has done for this body of believers and focus on the future of this church. We are a Faith Family that meshes together quite well. Even though we have had explosive growth in the last month, we continue to live out the root DNA that we started with. Discover Christ, Live by Faith and Love People. We discover Jesus Christ by our corporate worship as a body of believers and by also going to small group studies, such as the Chatas Bible studies, or the Ground Zero Ministries, as well as the Sisters of Strength Ministries. It is in these times that we really dive into the Word, and learn how to apply the Word of God in our lives. We live by faith, by serving God in any capacity that He has called us. If you aren’t serving, you should be!!! Plain and simple! Everyone and I mean everyone has a call to serve King Jesus in some way! Pray about what He wants you to do! Is it watching babies? Is it the First Impressions team, (by the way we need a leader for this). Or is it serving in a musical or media capacity? Whatever it is, God has the plan for you! Step out in faith and serve. Finally we love people, and boy do we love them! We are NOT a perfect people but instead we are a Spirit filled godly people who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, in spite of our imperfections! We want to make a difference in the this crazy messed up world!

I say all of that to say this: God has done some amazing things through His people at FRCC and directly from Him in HUGE Ways!

First and foremost the growth in the church! Wow!

We have hit $10,000 for our Down payment fund! WOW! In just one month!

Lives are being changed right before our eyes!

Opportunities that have risen to help other ministries out like the House of Agape’ and Tender Hearts!

Get involved with the Corners of the Fields part of Tender Hearts!

The difference we are making in the local community!

There is more to come! I seriously cannot wait to see what happens next with King Jesus, but I am strapped in and ready to go where ever He leads! I hope you are too!!!

God bless you all, and Have an amazing rest of the week! We will see you this Sunday, as we talk about Connecting with God through Prayer!

Love in Christ


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