The Latest Updates in the Church!

Update 6/18/2018

The church continues to grow and has been blessed with so many wonderful people with gifts of music and ministry. God is on the move in our lives and He uses FRCC each and every day for the advancement of His Kingdom! We have partnered up with another ministry called The House of Agape’ homeless ministry. We are able to go in and feed the homeless of Rock Hill and PB is able to bring the word in song and preaching.

God has blessed us so very much! He gets all and I mean all of the glory!!!!

We are a ragamuffin bunch of people who love Jesus and Love people… We would love to have you join us this Sunday!

Update 6/15/2020

God keeps pouring out His Spirit on FRCC. Many lives have been changed, and many people have been saved and their lives rededicated to the Lord! God has grown FRCC to a mid size congregation of 60-70 people on any given Sunday. The Music, the fellowship, the family type atmosphere is very evident in this church. The only way to truly experience this is to come and see for yourself! We meet every Sunday at 10:30 am at 2065 McConnell’s Hwy in Rock Hill.

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