Join us for Resurrection Sunday!

Where will you be on the 9th of April?

April 9, 2023 will be the day to come out and see what Christ has done for all of us, when He was raised from the dead!
The highlight and the biggest belief we have is that Jesus was raised from the dead by His own POWER!
We know and live to the fact that His Story, Changes our story. If you are living an empty life, full of trouble.
If you are feeling the hurt and anguish of someone else hurting you.
If you need to find that one fulfillment that can make your life worth living…
Then friend, your answer is Jesus! One cannot think of a better day to become a Christ Follower, than Resurrection Sunday?
Join us at 434 Museum Road in Rock Hill SC. at 10:30 am.
You will be our honored guest!


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