Covid Policy

From the board of Elders:

For the safety of everyone in our church family we ask that if any member of your family is told to quarantine due to exposure to the COVID-19 or any Variant, then we ask the entire household attend services online until the person or persons are cleared from the Quarantine. 

We are not trying to single anyone out in any way.  This is simply a precaution to protect our congregation.

We are in close quarters for over an hour during our in-person service and therefore we must take these steps to protect each other, especially members or visitors who may be at risk due to health issues.  These are dark and unprecedented times that we are living in and that calls for extra measures to keep people safe.  None of us want to be responsible for someone getting sick. We must minimize any opportunity for the virus to spread through the church. 

We will, for the foreseeable future, have a sanitation station at the entrance of the church, as well as offer free masks if you so desire to wear one.  We are in no way requiring anyone to wear a mask.   It is a courtesy to anyone who wishes to do so. 

We ask, in our love for each other, that you help us get through this time of trial and tribulation by cooperating with these policies. 

Thank you in advance. 

The board of Elders and Pastor Berry Chatas

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